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Drip and sprinkler irrigation for intensive agriculture

Early consulting

At the very first stage of intensive crop production, whether the grower is laying a new garden, planting a berry plant, planting a vegetable field or sowing technical crops, many questions usually arise. What kind of crop to grow? What varieties to choose? How to build the crops rotation? Which landing pattern to choose? Is the selected area suitable? Is the water source suitable? How to build irrigation? How to cultivate the soil? What equipment is needed? What are the expected costs? From our experience we know that finding the right answers to these and many other questions will determine your future success. It is for this reason that the specialists of the A.I.K. willingly help their customers to properly plan the planting of new fields, expansion of existing areas and the transfer of crops in the process of crops rotation. Engineers, agronomists and managers of the A.I.K. provide consulting services for technical, agronomical and economic planning of intensive crop production. We will be happy to help you analyze and choose the right crop, plot of land, water source, cultivation scheme, irrigation technology, plant nutrition and protection methods and much more. This service is especially useful for people and businesses that do not have significant cultivation experience, or are planning to expand their existing areas and range of crops.


Irrigation designing

In order to provide you with a high yield and high-quality fruits, it is necessary that the drip irrigation system consistently generates the required amount of water and fertilizer with high uniformity. Only sufficient flow and uniformity of the drip irrigation system will allow you to safeguard young plants and get the maximum profit from the growing process. A large size drip irrigation system is a complex hydraulic, mechanical and electronic system that requires high precision in its design. Designing, in turn, requires a large amount of initial data, special software and an experienced staff of design engineers. A.I.K. group provides its customers with services for the collection of initial data and the designing of drip and sprinkler irrigation systems of any size and any level of complexity. Thanks to the many years of experience of our inhouse design department, we will be able to design your drip irrigation system not only technically correctly, but also in the most cost-effective way.

Equipment transportation

Drip irrigation equipment ranges from piping, filters and fittings to pumps, controllers and radio units. In addition, drip irrigation equipment can be manufactured in many different parts of the world from Israel to the USA and from the Netherlands to South Korea. Such a wide range of types and origins of the equipment makes its effective delivery a rather difficult task. In addition to transportation itself, there are a number of issues related to document management, certification, licensing, customs clearance, and so on. A.I.K. group provides its customers with services for ordering, assembling and delivering equipment for drip irrigation by any means of transport and preparing the necessary documentation.


Supervision of the installation

One of the key requirements to a drip irrigation system is reliability. That means, that the system must work stably throughout its lifetime. In order to achieve the correct and reliable operation of the drip irrigation system, it is necessary to properly install, configure and start the system. Installation of a drip irrigation system, especially when it comes to a system of significant volume, includes a large number of different processes, ranging from the excavation, earthworks, metal welding and work with polymers, to electrical installation work and setting up computer equipment. A.I.K. group provides its customers with a full range of installation and installation supervision services for both individual elements of equipment of drip irrigation and complex drip irrigation systems of any size and degree of complexity.

Engineering support

The main stage of a drip irrigation system build for the customer is the operation stage. It is the operation phase that brings profit to the customer and it is the longest one in the drip irrigation system life cycle. During the operation of the drip irrigation system, the customer operates, maintains and often repairs the system using their own specialists. In order for your drip irrigation system and its individual elements to be operated, maintained and repaired correctly and as efficiently as possible, it is necessary to train the customer’s own personnel, provide them with the necessary assistance and to control the operation and maintenance process. A.I.K. group provides its customers with engineering support for the operation of drip irrigation systems and individual components and elements of these systems. Engineering support may include training of the customer's personnel, consultations of local personnel on the operation, maintenance and repair of the irrigation systems, direct participation in the maintenance and repair of systems and equipment elements and monitoring the implementation of programs of the operation and maintenance of drip irrigation systems.


Agronomical support

The effective use of drip irrigation systems in the process of intensive crop production requires a huge amount of special knowledge and experience from the customer's agronomical staff with specific types of systems for growing specific crops. In a rapidly changing climate, the customer's agronomical staff often needs the help of specialists with extensive experience in growing various crops in various conditions and regions. A.I.K. group provides its customers with assistance in training and advising the customer's own specialists by experienced agronomists with special knowledge and extensive experience in drip irrigation systems. Agronomical support may include general advice on watering, fertilizing and plant protection methods, assistance in drawing up irrigation, fertilizing and plant protection programs, assistance in planning activities for soil preparation, planting / sowing crops, plant care, harvesting and monitoring the implementation of growing programs

"External agronomist-hydraulic engineer"

A.I.K. group in cooperation with several specialized companies from Israel provides its customers with an external irrigation management service. In fact, watering and plant nutrition are calculated and carried out by specialists based in Israel, without the participation of the customer's personnel. This service is relevant both for those customers who lack qualified agronomists and hydraulic engineers with experience in precision farming, and for large corporate customers who process large areas divided into clusters. For remote control of irrigation a number of additional sensors are installed throughout the plantation to monitor weather conditions, plant health, soil conditions, water quality and pests. The customer is only required to ensure that simple basic conditions are met: water supply, electrical power, replenishment of fertilizer tanks, Internet connection and the integrity of the drip irrigation system. Everything else, including the analysis of parameters, the calculation of watering and plant nutrition programs, the implementation of watering and plant nutrition, the analysis of results and the adjustment of programs, is carried out by external specialists. The service also includes monitoring of the technical status of the drip irrigation system.


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